VÁŽEME s.r.o.

The company is operating in the market already since 2003, which is a guarantee of reliability, expediency and flexibility. In the beginning, we specialised on the supply of binding and connecting materials, working clothes and aids. We have newly added the production of regranulate.

We shall gladly supply you with PP binding strings for waste compacting presses as well as for use in agriculture, complete range of PP and PE binding straps, glued and woven, stretch packaging foil, adhesive tapes of various colours and widths, working clothes, footwear, gloves, protection of the respiratory system and any connecting material.

From summer 2015 we are engaged in plastics processing, i.e. production of regranulates. Recycling of plastics in the Czech Republic is increasingly being sought-after. Our plant is located in Žamberk and is ready to satisfy your requirements. We focus on the mechanical processing of plastic waste in the form of crushed plastic or regranulate, which are very suitable raw materials for further plastic production.

Plastic regranulates

  • Production of PP, PP TV, PP GF, PC/ABS, ABS, PP/EPDM, HDPE, PC, PC GF, PA, PA GF, PBT, PBT GF regranulates
  • Purchase and sale of crushed plastic
  • Purchase, collection, recycling of plastic wastes

What we can additionally offer to you:

Are you looking for quality binding string or a pressing strip?
Do you know which foil or adhesive tape that best suits your purposes?
Do you need to secure the assortment of working aids and clothes?

We shall gladly supply you with:

  • Binding PP string for waste compactors or agricultural use
  • Complete range of PP and PE binding straps, glued and braided
  • Packing stretch foil of width 10 cm, 50 cm
  • Transparent, white, brown adhesive tape; various widths
  • Working clothes, footwear and gloves
  • Protection of the respiratory system
  • Connecting material